People ask me which is the best way to buy one of my books, so I thought I would cover those options in a blog, that way you can decide based on your individual situation.

For me, the best way is if you buy from Amazon. By choosing this option, you help to boost my sales ratings and Amazon will ask you to review my book which helps my customer opinion ratings if you enjoyed the book. With this options, there are shipping and handling charges unless they are waiving them for various reasons (anything over $35.00, promotional, holiday, etc.)

The second best is to stop by one of my events and purchase an autographed copy. I love meeting new people and potential fans. Plus, I always have handouts and stuff. No S&H charges here.

The final way is to order from my website. You will receive an autographed copy from my hands to yours. This does require a PayPal Account and there are S&H charges as well.

So there you have it. Choose whichever one best suits your needs and budget and don't forget to post your reviews, share, tweet, and whatever else is out there that I don't know about, yet. Thanks!


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